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 Buddha’s life story begins in Lumbini, close to the India and Nepal border. It was nearly 2600 years ago that Siddharta Gautama was born.

He was born a prince and he soon realized that conditioned experiences did not give protection from suffering or lasting happiness. After a spiritual search for a long time, he took into deep meditation and he recognized the nature of mind.

He acquired unconditional happiness, the state of enlightenment that is referred to as Buddhahood. This state of mind remains free from any sort of emotions and expresses through joy, fearlessness, and active compassion. Buddha’s teachings were to reach the same state.

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Dhanteras gif and images/धनतेरस की तस्वीरे

Rangoli designs/ रंगोली डीजाइन्स

                                                                        Simple Rangoli/ आसान रंगोली 

                                                                           flower rangoli/ फूलो की रंगोली 

Dots Rangoli Designs/ बिन्दुओ से बनी रंगोली 

choti Diwali gif and images/छोटी दिवाली की तस्वीरे 

Narak Chaturdashii gif and images/ नरक चतुरदर्शी की तस्वीरे

Diwali gif and images/ दिवाली की तस्वीरे


Buddha Images GIF

Buddha Images GIFgautama buddha imageslord buddha image gallerygautama buddha images


Buddha Images GIF

Buddha Images GIF

Buddha Images GIF

Buddha Images GIF

Bhagawan Buddha Image


Bhagwan Gautam Buddha Photo


 Buddha Best Images

buddha-best-imagesBuddha Bhagwan Photo



Buddha Images



Buddha Photo Gallery


Buddha Pics


Buddha Pictures


Buddha Statue Images


Buddha Wallpaper


Laughing Buddha


Lord Buddha Images

lord buddha images


 Mahatma Buddha Photo


Pictures of Gautam Buddha

pictures of gautama buddha

Sleeping Buddha Images

sleeping buddha images

Standing Buddha Statue

Standing Buddha Statue


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